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Flow rates through industrial turnstiles

November 1, 2013

Pedestrian Throughput Turnstile Calculation

Turnstar industrial turnstiles can withstand any amount of traffic, however, there are a few constraints which effect the flow rate.

  • The speed at which the pedestrian walks and engages with the turnstile and access control system (card, fingerprint or biometric system).
  • The speed at which the access control system process the identification and sends a signal to the turnstile to unlock.

Due to the above constraints, turnstile throughput flow rate is not a precise science and every application must be studied. Cricket fans entering a stadium would normally have a long interaction time with the turnstile as opposed to factory workers at the end of a shift who engage very quickly with the industrial turnstile.

For factory environments, we generally work on an average flow rate of 1 person every 6 seconds. That works out to 10 people per minute and 150 people every 15 minutes.

The Turnstar TRIUMPH 4 is our most popular industrial turnstile and offers a 5 year fit-and-forget guarantee.

TRIUMPH 4 security turnstile gates