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Vehicle Barriers (boomgates)

Vehicle Barriers (boomgates)

We offer a number of road security options in the form of vehicle barriers, from effective boom gate systems to high-level security bollard solutions.

Browse through our selection of both manual and automatic vehicle barriers where you’re sure to find the ideal solution for your entrance. Whether you want to regulate traffic, manage access control, or impose high security restrictions, rest assured that our security booms and bollards can be counted on.

Turnstar is available for site visits and offers a full CAD designed solution, in order to ensure that the vehicle barrier is installed correctly.

We make use of a full in-house research, design and development team to help you throughout the entire process, from project conception to on-site installation.

Turnstar’s range of bollards and road blockers are fitted with heavy duty hydraulics and offer a total physical security solution, as well as anti-terror protection.

We are road blocker, security boom gates, and bollard suppliers who are dedicated to making sure your project is completed on time, within budget and with zero failure.

Traffic Master Automatic

Security Level Security Level 1

Traffic Master Manual

Security Level Security Level 3

Talon mechanical uni-directional spike barrier

Security Level Security Level 5

Talon Tyre-Spike Automatic Vehicle Barrier

Security Level Security Level 5

Guardian automatic hydraulic bollard

Security Level Security Level 5

Shield Automatic Road Blocker

Security Level Security Level 5