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A win win solution for public toilets

Turnstar offers a pay for entry solution which has proven to be very popular with shopping centre and filling station management. Public toilets are often open to vandalism and theft. The owner of the facility would then have to foot the bill for the repairs  and running costs. The average patron would have a dirty toilet which does not have any toilet paper and soap.

The solution is the TRIUMPH 4 full height single turnstile fitted with a Turnstar coin acceptor. The coin acceptor enables management to charge for entry into the toilets and the price can be set to any amount. The turnstile is also fitted with a rotation counter which counts the number of entries into the toilet. The counter enables management to carry out a financial audit and to check if employees are stealing the money collected.  The turnstile acts a psychological barrier to any vagrants who might be around and prevents free access. The toilets become more secure and become an income generating asset. The money collected can then be used to stock up the toilets and to keep them clean – often a full time cleaning attendant can be employed.

Customers have been able to earn a good income from the turnstiles and most patrons are more than happy to pay a small price for clean toilets.

It is impossible to stop vandals, but if a vandal enters your toilet and does some damage, at least you got R2 from him!

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COVID-19 Range Available

Our Covid-19 range is now available. Ensure a safe working environment during the Covid-19 outbreak.