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Physical Access Control Solutions for Airports

Access control and general security at airports around the world has been a priority concern over the last decade, and specifically since 9/11 events. Turnstar Access Control Systems offers a variety of industry leading products that can be used at airports internationally. Les leaders dans les deux véhicules et des piétons access control, Turnstar propose des solutions pour la sécurité de stationnement de l'aéroport sous la forme de barrières de véhicules et des systèmes anti-terroristes avec tourniquets et Speedgates capables d'être installés pour les systèmes de chargement de la porte de l'aéroport.

Airport access control has the requirement to organise the flow of passengers on their commute and provide safety to all patrons. Turnstar’s speedgates and turnstiles manage orderly flow through gates and security points with man traps offering stringent control of security access at airport terminals.

Turnstar, Africa’s leader in physical access control products, offers turnkey solutions for your airport security needs.

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