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Balwin Munyaka Residential Estate – 2023

Baldwin Munyaka Residential Estate in Johannesburg, South Africa, boasts a beautiful new crystal lagoon. Of course, with such a luxurious amenity, security was a top priority. Fortunately, Turnstar Systems was up to the task.

The partnership between Baldwin Munyaka Residential Estate and Turnstar Systems resulted in the installation of four 4-arm Triton half height glass turnstiles at the entrance to the crystal lagoon. Two turnstiles were designated for entry, and two were designated for exit. This ensures that only authorized residents and guests can access the crystal lagoon, and it serves as a solid deterrent for unauthorized visitors.

Furthermore, two Pulse automatic special needs gates were also installed to allow wheelchair access and for pedestrians carrying water sports equipment. The special needs gates provide convenient access for those who may not be able to use the turnstiles, and they are also operated with a remote control to allow for seamless entry.

Craig Sacks, the Managing Director of Turnstar Systems, was quoted as saying, “We are proud to have been selected for the security development of the Crystal Lagoon project. Our turnstiles and gates are perfect for securing access control of leisure facilities, and the Triton glass turnstiles are ideal for stylish entry as well as for providing a clear view of the site.”

In terms of technology, the turnstiles were integrated with the estate’s access control system for seamless operation. The estate’s security personnel can monitor and control access remotely, and the turnstiles also have various alarm responses to ensure maximum safety and security.

Finally, the aesthetics of the turnstiles fit perfectly with the luxurious nature of the crystal lagoon. The Triton half height glass turnstiles have a premium design that complements the surrounding architecture and landscaping. Baldwin Munyaka Residential Estate can provide top-notch security while still maintaining a beautiful aesthetic.

Overall, Baldwin Munyaka Residential Estate made a wise choice in selecting Turnstar Systems for their security needs. The four Triton half height glass turnstiles and two Pulse automatic special needs gates provide both security and convenience, while also maintaining a stylish appearance.


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