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Can I integrate a breathalyser with my turnstile?

Over 5 billion litres of alcohol are consumed by South Africans every year and it is imperative, now more than ever, that companies implement strict policies regarding substance abuse in the workplace. Studies have shown that consistent alcohol abusers are more likely to miss work and are 33% less productive than their fellow employees. Combine this with the increased likelihood of an on the job injury or death you have a law suit waiting to happen.

Besides for the on the job dangers, it is both in the employee’s and employer’s best interests to know whether a drinking problem exists. Disciplinary action may give the employee a ‘wake-up’ call and the employer may be happy to assist with the employees recovery and act as a support. It may be better to assist a trained labourer whose problem is known, than to employ an untrained labourer whose problems are not known. What does this have to do with security turnstile technology?

Turnstar is at the forefront of technology and is able to assist employers in eliminating on the job alcohol abuse. Handheld breathalyser machines are great, however, the effectiveness of the control is only as good as the operator (often a low grade security guard) and opportunities for collusion exist. Turnstar, together with, are able to offer a totally automated solution which eliminates human intervention and any opportunities for fraud. The recommended turnstile is the TRIBUNE single reader turnstile which has a biometric and EBS automatic breathalyser machine fitted.  The TRIBUNE is the ideal turnstile as it effectively traps the employee in the mid-rotation point and then forces the employee to engage with the biometric reader and the breathalyser machine. No buddy clocking is possible and every single employee entering the premises is checked. If an employee fails the breathalyser test, the turnstile will unlock and eject the employee from the premises.


breathalyser for security turnstile
EBS breathalyser machine for turnstile mounting


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