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Atlas Revolving Doors for Christian Family Church Int’l

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Turnstar Systems, established in 1990, recently developed a full range of manual and automatic revolving doors. The ATLAS revolving door was the logical choice when it came to controlling the entrance of the new multi-million Rand development of the Christian Family Church International in Bonaero Park, Johannesburg.

Today, the Christian Family Church has over 14,000 members and consists of a worship team which has been acclaimed by many as being one of the best in the world. The Christian Family Church has branched out over 250 churches throughout Southern Africa, as well as in places as far afield as Europe, U.S.A., New Zealand, Australia, Mauritius and Kenya.

The Welfare Department of the church reaches out to the poor and homeless, with teams going into the orphanages, old age homes, prisons, and other institutions, bringing clothing, food and items of comfort to the needy. A dynamic Children’s Ministry provides a safe and secure environment for children of all ages where they are cared for in an atmosphere of love and nurturing.

The Christian Family Church has been steadily growing through the years and expanding premises has meant that building running costs must be controlled closely. Also, securing the children’s play & study areas is of vital importance in order to allow parents to be free to worship, without worry, whilst at church.

The Solution

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Turnstar had the right solutions. With an ATLAS revolving door, the grass is always greener. A revolving door saves the customer money and helps to preserve the environment, one step at a time. That’s because conventional hinged and sliding doors can allow up to 8 times as much airflow as a revolving door, which creates a draft block between the inside and outside of a building. Lowered air-conditioning and heating costs and a lower carbon footprint means that a Turnstar revolving door is a win-win situation.

Two ATLAS revolving doors were installed at the Church. A 3m diameter and a 1.8m diameter revolving door. Both products are 3-wing revolving doors. The wings are of 12mm toughened glass and the curved frame is of 8mm toughened glass. Polypropylene brushes are also provided to ensure an draft block. Safety is of great concern when installing a revolving door and the ATLAS manual revolving door is fitted with a heavy-duty speed controller in order to prevent the door from over speeding, which can cause injury.

With a 5-year guarantee, the TRIDENT waist height turnstile was chosen for the entrance to the children’s play & study areas. The TRIDENT waist height turnstile is a prestige product designed with heavy duty applications in mind. The turnstile is extremely reliable and is not only fitted with the Turnstar ROTALOK® rotation locking mechanism, but also with the Turnstar ROTASLO® hydraulic damping system which ensure ultra-quiet operation. Silent operation is of great importance as the TRIDENT turnstile is often installed at reception areas, and in this case, at a place of worship. The TRIDENT turnstiles were manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel in order to meet the customer’s aesthetic requirements.


COVID-19 Range Available

Our Covid-19 range is now available. Ensure a safe working environment during the Covid-19 outbreak.