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FNB – 2019

Turnstar solution secures FNB’s 1066 Pritchard Street headquarters

The recent upgrades to First National Bank’s headquarters at 1066 Pritchard Street in the Johannesburg CBD, include a number of physical access control elements.

Home to the financial institution’s nerve centre, the building requires an enhanced security solution that both controls the access of people into the premises on a predefined basis, and simultaneously ensures that bottlenecks do not cause frustration for employees and visitors at the main entrance and exit points.

On the interior of the building, six Turnstar Speedgate lanes were installed. Four of these are of the 550 mm wide variety while two are 900 mm wide. One of the 900 mm wide lanes is integrated with a Nortech card drop box unit and has a specially designed recovery drawer that enables the security guard to effortlessly recover the deposited cards. LED lights have been installed on the glass wings to provide a clear indication of the lane’s status, with blue indicating standby, green indicating ‘go’ and red indicating that the lane is closing.

“We have applied a function that allows for persons with disability to readily access the lanes. A separate trigger is received from the Speedgate that a person with disability is entering the lane and the closing delay time is automatically extended to allow for a wheelchair to pass through the lane without hindrance,” says Craig Sacks, MD of Turnstar.

The Speedgate lanes are perfectly suited to corporate environments where ultra-high-speed access is required without detracting from the ambience within the building. Sophisticated anti-tamper and anti-tailgate detection ensure maximised security.


On the exterior of the building, Turnstar has provided eight bollards for the diesel service truck lane. Used extensively in sensitive applications such as embassies, consulates, military installations, airports, railway stations, bus stations, ports, oil and gas refineries, and mines, the Turnstar bollards provide uncompromising security. Each of the powder-coated grey bollards is 600 mm high with a diameter of 200 mm. The bollards are combined with custom-made robot and control posts and work on a 4-5 second operation with loop detectors cut into the road for guaranteed safety.

“Turnstar’s team consults closely with clients to provide solutions that improve security measures, appease the needs of employees and visitors in terms of timeous thoroughfare, and complement a company’s aesthetic branding appeal. We encourage all organisations intent on ticking all these boxes to contact us,” says Sacks.


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