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Geran Netherlands – 2018

Rotalok turnstile mechanisms the preferred choice
for international customer

Mechanism reliability is a major factor in the successful ongoing operation of turnstiles. Craig Sacks, MD of Turnstar, says that not only can a failed mechanism compromise security of premises, but furthermore can have serious safety implications.

“A turnstile mechanism should be built to continuously and effortlessly operate over repeated high-volume entries and exits, without failure. Carefully controlled quality assurance should be a given for these mechanisms and they should undergo extensive testing before they are fitted into turnstiles,” he adds.

Turnstar was requested to supply 48 of its Rotalok™ turnstile mechanisms for containerised turnstiles in the Netherlands. “Our distributor, Geran B.V., was requested to supply a mechanism that would provide the customer with ongoing reliability. The customer was extremely disappointed in the inferior quality Czechoslovakian mechanisms originally fitted to their turnstiles, citing mechanical failure as a major issue. At considerable expense, the customer transported all of the containerised turnstiles to Geran’s premises in Rijsen for fitment of our Rotalok mechanisms,” Sacks points out. “Supplied with a 5-year guarantee, the containerised turnstile now have a new lease of life, having been earmarked for disposal only a few weeks before”.

Sacks says that the company prides itself on designing and manufacturing products and components that have undergone extensive testing to ensure faultless operation under the harshest conditions. “One of the best testing grounds is the African mining industry where remote operation, combined with dust and inclement weather conditions, are commonplace. Our products are all built with this in mind, using the highest quality raw materials and manufacturing with state-of-the-art equipment such as our Durma laser cutter, robotic welder, CNC lathes and milling machines.”


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