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Ghana Ports Authority – 2015

Speedgates pour l'Autorité portuaire du Ghana

The Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority is the statutory public organisation mandated to build, operate, maintain and regulate seaports in Ghana. The Authority owns and operates two ports in Tema and Takoradi. Takoradi Port is being repositioned through an extensive expansion and modernisation programme to better serve the needs of the oil and gas, mining and trading sectors. The Authority’s vision is to make the seaports of Ghana the leading maritime hub and the beacon of trade and commerce in West Africa.

The two ports together handle about 17 million tons of cargo with vast opportunities for growth in the coming years. The container traffic is projected to grow from the current one million to about two million TEUs in the next decade.

The Authority has stated that one of its primary goals is to ensure a safe and secure environment for people, vessels, cargo and facilities. Controlling pedestrian traffic in and out of the Authority’s various buildings is a logistical challenge, given the security sensitivity of the operations. A reliable access control solution was required that would accommodate the stated vision of the Authority, whilst simultaneously allowing a smooth employee and visitor traffic flow.

GPHA SpeedgatesEn 2013 the Authority ordered a total of six voies express Speedgate from Turnstar to control access into the various buildings within the Authority’s compound. Each lane was fitted with a customised bracket on which a Sagem biometric reader and a barcode reader was installed by the customer’s IT division. These lanes provide access for Port Authority employees and visitors. En plus, two lanes were reserved for card dropbox exit in order for visitors to return their access cards on leaving the buildings.

The units were selected not only for their performance, but furthermore for their aesthetic appeal. La conception supérieure et de l'ingénierie des unités Speedgate express intègre un cabinet qui est fabriqué dans attrayant et durable 304 acier inoxydable de qualité brossé. The choice of stainless steel is particularly relevant when deployed in areas close to the ocean, since corrosion poses an ongoing problem.

Directeur Turnstar Craig Sacks souligne que le Speedgate permet un accès ultra-haute vitesse de 1 second pour l'ouverture ou la fermeture, ce qui est obtenu par une combinaison d'un réseau de capteurs de détection de mouvement, un moteur robuste et un contrôleur de PLC intelligente intégrée. Les capteurs de détection de mouvement suivent dynamiquement le piéton à travers le Speedgate Express et avec une capacité de détection anti-sabotage hautement sophistiqué, assure qu'il n'y a pas de talonnage, flux directionnel non autorisée ou rampant. Another advantage of this design is the added safety feature that prevents the closing of the glass wings when a pedestrian or object is within the closing envelope.

All elements are 3D designed and components are precision laser cut. Afin d'assurer la qualité opérationnelle complète et esthétique, les unités sont réalisés à la main par soudage expert et les techniques de polissage. État de la voie LED et direction voyants fournissent des informations visibles sur chaque unité. The glass wings are constructed from 8 mm CNC toughened glass for enhanced safety and the direct motor mount technology eliminates any linkages or bearings which could be prone to failure.

Le succès de l'installation du Speedgate initial a donné lieu à l'Autorité ordonnant récemment trois autres voies Speedgate Express pour un bâtiment nouvellement achevé. «Nous étions en concurrence avec des sociétés européennes bien établies pour les deux contrats de sorte qu'il était très encourageant que l'Autorité a reconnu la qualité et la performance du Speedgate express. Feedback from the customer has been extremely encouraging, citing unhindered flow of visitors and employees through the lanes and a marked increase in security levels. The best vote of confidence from a customer is when they place another order and we look forward to future projects with GPHA,” says Sacks.


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