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Green Point Stadium 2010

Turnstiles for Green Point Stadium

Visual Magnificance

Geen Point Stadium

Green Point Stadium is situated in Cape Town between the spectacular view of Signal Hill on the one side and the unmistakable buzz of the V&A Waterfront on the other. The stadium was designed with its surroundings in mind. And the designers wanted the stadium to blend with the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

The original Green Point Stadium was built During the Second Boer War, and had a seating capacity of 18 000. This stadium was demolished in 2007 to be replaced by the magnificent stadium we see today which boasts a seating capacity of 68 000. The roof is designed as a suspended roof plane. It focuses attention downwards onto the playing field. At the same time, the underside of the roof surface, hovering above the spectators, operates in a way similar to the façade.

green pointWhere does Turnstar Systems fit into this modern marvel? What will a magnificent stadium be without magnificent turnstiles!

At Turnstar Systems we aim to impress and we are proud of our quality and durability. For the Green Point Stadium project Turnstar Systems manufactured and supplied a total of 88 TRIDENT waist height turnstiles. Because of the corrosive Cape Town environment, all of the turnstiles were manufactured from 316 marine grade brushed stainless steel.

These turnstiles were selected as they compliment the sleek and modern design of the stadium, and the natural beauty that surrounds it. Stainless steel is a green material, and has a very low carbon foot print. Unlike mild steel, which disintegrates slowly through rust, stainless steel does not have a natural tendency to return to the earth. Another factor in the choice of Turnstar turnstiles was their renowned durability and reliability in a mass access environment. These specific turnstiles that were chosen are the same units that was used for the 2003 Cricket World Cup and they are also fitted with hydraulic dampers, which allows for ultra-quite operation.

The turnstiles were designed to incorporate the ticketing and access control systems which will be used during the 2010 Soccer World Cup. Another unique aspect of the turnstiles which were supplied for Green Point Stadium is that fact that they were factory set to Fail-Safe operation. Meaning that the turnstiles will automatically unlock and free rotate outward during a power failure or alarm. However the stadium does have large swing gates positioned next to the turnstiles in case of an emergency and for regular access into and out of the stadium.

All 88 of the Trident Waist Height Turnstiles were installed overa period of 3 weeks by a team of Turnstar technicians.


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