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Hotel Sky – 2020

The sky’s the limit with Turnstar’s access control measures at trendy Sandton hotel

The beautifully decorated Hotel Sky Sandton offers 453 rooms, several conference venues, and a selection of world-class restaurants and bars, all within one block of the Sandton Convention Centre and Sandton City, as well as the head offices of most of South Africa’s biggest corporates and businesses.

Reputation plays a big role in the success of players in the competitive hospitality sector, with subtle differentiators giving strategic facilities the leading edge. The health and safety of Hotel Sky Sandton’s guests is paramount in these challenging times, so the hotel management has implemented stringent safety protocols to ensure this.

One of the areas in which contactless access control comes to the fore is at the entrance to the hotel, where the management elected to install a 2.4 metre automatic Atlas revolving door from Turnstar. This prestige revolving door lends a touch of class to any environment and is the perfect complement to the Hotel Sky’s trendy interior.

The Atlas revolving door reduces airflow by as much as seven times when compared to conventional hinged and sliding doors, thereby lowering air-conditioning and heating costs and providing a reduced carbon footprint, making it a perfect choice for environmentally-conscious organisations like Hotel Sky.

Durability and reliability are hallmarks of this attractive door, with the powder coated mild steel frame structure and internal support providing a strong core and the deep groove sealed bearings extending the door’s longevity. The glazing is a combination of 8 mm toughened glass for the curved elements and 12 mm frameless toughened glass for the wings. A night lock is fitted to one of the glass wings to ensure enhanced security.

Contactless operation was uppermost in the minds of the design team and resulted in a motion detector at both the internal and external entrances, to initiate rotation. This is complemented by the optical rubber safety edges fitted to the entry uprights and wings that provide instantaneous stopping upon activation, thereby preventing injury.

“The Atlas is a perfect blend of reliability and superior aesthetics in one. It is suited to applications requiring high-volume access and provides a draught block between internal and external environments. Designed by our team of professional engineers to withstand extreme environmental conditions, it is the ideal choice for Hotel Sky,” says Craig Sacks, MD of Turnstar.


COVID-19 Range Available

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