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How many turnstiles do you need?

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One of the most important questions which must be asked before making the decision to purchase a turnstile is, ‘how many turnstiles do I need’? Too few turnstiles could mean employee time is wasted whilst queuing and also loss of employee good will.  Too many turnstiles could mean wasted financial resources which could have been used more productively elsewhere.

The number of employees working in the building should be calculated. Factory staff tend to work on a strictly regimented shift basis and must be accommodated with the highest possible throughput per minute. Office staff tend to arrive and leave work at different times and pose less of problem in terms of throughput per minute. Turnstar turnstiles are designed to withstand any amount of throughput, however, the limiting factor is the speed at which the employee walks through the product. An average and acceptable flow rate of 10 people per minute has become the industry standard. Card access control systems are often quicker to use and process information than fingerprint/biometric systems which can add between 1 – 3 seconds to the transaction time.

With this information, a decision with regard to the quantity and position of the turnstiles can be made. The TITAN turnstile (double turnstile shown below at the WITS University computer laboratory) offers a throughput of 1 person every 6 seconds and is designed for heavy duty use.

For more information on the industry leading TITAN turnstile click here.



COVID-19 Range Available

Our Covid-19 range is now available. Ensure a safe working environment during the Covid-19 outbreak.