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In2Foods – 2019

Turnstiles at In2Foods

Turnstar physical access control products enhance security at new In2Foods production facility

Fresh food fundi In2Foods, opened its new 22 700 m2 production facility in the OR Tambo Special Economic Zone, Boksburg, in April 2019. This marks the culmination of extensive planning and sees the facility becoming one of the largest fresh food factories in the world, using the world’s second largest CO2 refrigeration plant installation.

Employing 1 900 people, the facility required world-class standards across the board with respect to the various elements used in the building process and deployed to enhance productivity. Added to this was the need to ensure heightened security for employees and visitors.

“It is extremely important, with the pervasive threat of crime, for organisations to protect their perimeters and entry and exit points. For this reason, we suggest the deployment of tried and tested physical security barriers,” says Craig Sacks, MD of Turnstar.

Due to the large number of employees entering and leaving the premises daily, In2Foods selected eight Turnstar Titan full height double turnstiles and one Titan full height single turnstile. “These powder coated turnstiles are fitted with brackets to accommodate a biometric access reader. The Titan is designed to cope with high volumes of people, together with providing high levels of security. Used extensively in mines, factories, warehouses, colleges and at stadiums, the Titan turnstiles are the ideal choice for In2Foods,” says Sacks.

In addition to the Titan turnstiles, Turnstar also provided three high speed Velocity traffic barriers. Two of these barriers are 3.5 metres high, while the third one is 6 metres high. “By deploying the Velocity barriers, traffic bottlenecks and tailgating are avoided. This not only makes life easier for the security guard on duty but also removes the frustration that employees and visitors feel when backlogs occur due to the use of inefficient traffic barriers. Four adjustable raise and lower settings are provided so that In2Foods can select a speed that best suits their environment,” says Sacks.

While speed of operation is undoubtedly an attractive feature of the Velocity vehicle barriers, they are also designed to ensure safe passage of both pedestrians and vehicles. The intelligent collision detection and mid-cycle auto-reverse features provide the reassurance that the boom will not be accidentally lowered onto passing traffic.

“We have received extremely positive feedback from In2Foods who have commented on the ease of operation of both the Titan turnstiles and the Velocity vehicle barriers. Their need for physical barriers that would provide fast traffic through flow, coupled with uncompromised security levels, has been amply achieved,” says Sacks.

Turnstiles at In2Foods


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