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SA Bank Head Office – 2018

Turnstar deploys multi-layered physical access control at
a prestigious SA bank’s head office

In the financial services industry there is a fine line between maintaining high levels of security for clientele and employees, while concurrently ensuring that access to physical premises is geared around minimised queuing and reduced bottlenecking.

As one of the country’s top five banks in terms of asset value, the unnamed bank often sets the pace in driving customer service. The organisation’s vision outlines, amongst others, a focus on the values of being people-centred and client-driven.

The bank’s head office in Sandton has high volumes of employee and clientele pedestrian and vehicular traffic during business hours. This requires a multi-tiered approach to physical access control that starts at the perimeter, continues into the buildings and ends at various internal access points such as the canteen and designated smoking areas.


Turnstar supplied various physical security elements within the parking areas and the buildings. These include 16 Traffic Master booms and 12 Talon tyre spike barriers at the entrances and exits to the parking areas; 45 lanes of Speedgate Express turnstiles together with four Nortech intelligent card drop boxes; one Triumph full height double turnstile; one double leaf security gate; and 16 Triton octagonal glass turnstiles into the parking area and lift foyers. Craig Sacks, MD of Turnstar, says that the company was asked to replace 16 units supplied by another manufacturer after they failed to perform according to specified requirements.

The Talon spike barriers, which are used in conjunction with the Traffic Master booms, are a physical barrier as well as a visual deterrent to vehicle drivers. “If visitors and employees wait for the boom to lift, the spike barrier will be lowered when access is granted, ensuring that there are absolutely no risks to the vehicle or its occupants. However, should a criminal attempt to drive through a closed boom, then they will experience puncturing of the vehicles tyres since the spikes will remain in an upright, engaged position,” says Sacks.

The Speedgate Express lanes have been installed at the entrance to the reception areas and the staff canteens. These attractive units have 304 grade brushed stainless steel cabinets and curved glass wings. Designed for severe operating conditions, the Speedgate Express provide a rapid opening and closing time of just one second, allowing high volumes of traffic to pass through in minimal time. In the event of power failure, the glass wings can be easily moved into the cabinet to allow free access and during fire alarm event, a trigger can activate the barriers to remain in the open position.


The Nortech intelligent card drop box units, or card capture units, work well with both the Speedgate Express lanes and third-party access control systems. The drop box captures or returns the card (visitor or employee) after reading and is ideal for temporary access control scenarios. Like the Speedgate Express, the robust, compact unit blends in well with the bank’s interior design and conservatively modern corporate image. The units manufactured for the Head Office feature a purpose-built east access drawer.

“By layering the physical security, the bank is able to ensure that all possible risk areas are covered in terms of security. All products have been selected for their aesthetics, durability and ability to cope with medium to high-level volumes of traffic, thereby keeping all parties happy,” says Sacks.



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