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Physical Access Control Solutions for Offices

Turnstar offers a range of products perfectly suited for offices and office parks. These include turnstiles, speedstiles and vehicle barriers.

For big businesses with a large number of employees, our turnstiles offer a simple solution that ensures your entrance remains orderly. You can easily monitor your staff as they enter and exit the reception area.

If your office deals with sensitive information or expensive equipment, our speedstiles give you complete access control over employees and visitors. No one will be able to enter without the necessary credentials or, alternatively, signing in.

And if you require that only confirmed guests and staff access the parking facilities, our vehicle barriers will prevent unauthorised entry. This ensures the parking area is never overcrowded and there will always be space available for your staff and clients.

Our effective security solutions will give you peace of mind and will always ensure that you have control over your business premises.

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COVID-19 Range Available

Our Covid-19 range is now available. Ensure a safe working environment during the Covid-19 outbreak.