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Physical Access Control Solutions for Railway Stations

Turnstar has a wide range of security solutions ideally suited for railway stations. These include: tourniquets, Speedgates et produits anti-terroristes.

If you need to manage foot traffic in and out of the railway station, our turnstiles are the perfect security solution. They ensure that people slow down and are conscious of where they are walking at all times. You will also find that adding these features will encourage orderly queues and control crowds.

It’s important to have access control at railway stations to make sure that people can’t sneak in and avoid payment. pose Speedgates est la meilleure façon de veiller à ce que seules les personnes avec des billets ou des étiquettes peuvent accéder à la voie ferrée. This encourages orderly queues to form and keeps crowds under control.

In this day and age, our anti-terror products offer a security solution ideal for the transport industry. These products enable you to prevent disasters and ensure that the premises is safe at all times.

All of our security solutions are constructed with great care and the materials used are all top quality. Browse through our selection of turnstiles, speedgates and anti-terror products, et trouver la bonne access control produit pour votre gare.

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