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Security booths – Ghanaian Bank 2013

A leading Ghanaian banking institution, with over 50 branches scattered throughout Ghana, is playing a vital role in the economy as the country is growing at a rapid pace. Legislation from the highest echelons of Government is causing a stir and a number of consolidations between smaller players in the sector have taken place in the past 12 months.

Ghana is trying to emulate the success of its West African ‘big brother’ Nigeria, in modernising its banking system, which has seen very little change in the years since its independence.

Change is being achieved by instituting measures which are likely to have a favourable effect on the balance of payments, the state of public finances and the general development of the national economy.

As the banking sector has become more consolidated, the need to fulfill government-implemented measures become critical. This banking institution is steadily growing its base of branches to provide an efficient and sustainable offering to the country’s population, many of whom have little exposure to banking.


The bank is faced with an influx of customers, during morning and afternoon opening times, at 10 of its major branches around the country. An immediate solution was required to provide and maintain improved security levels and easy traffic through flow.

Ghana has suffered a number of ‘Wild West’ style bank robberies from neighbouring Northern countries in the past few years and the bank required a system that would exclude multiple people from entering the branches simultaneously. The ability to ‘lock down’ the door with suspected criminals contained within the man-trap security booth was critical.


A Ghanaian interacting with the man-trap cubicle
A Ghanaian interacting with the man-trap cubicle

Turnstar – Africa’s largest manufacturer of physical access control products – was requested by the bank to assess and recommend appropriate security measures. Turnstar has a large footprint of installations within the Southern African banking sector and the selection by the bank of 10 double Man-Trap cubicle security booths is further evidence of the reliability of the products.

The Turnstar man-trap security booths have been installed at the main entrances to the bank’s key branches. Designed for high-volume, high-security requirements, these access points are the ideal solution for banking facilities.

The man-trap security booth cubicles supplied to the Ghanaian banking institution are finished in silver powder coating to provide an upmarket image that complements the bank’s corporate branding. Based on the large volume of people entering and leaving the facilities on a daily basis, the cubicles are designed for durability, while still retaining a modern yet austere appearance.

The doors are available in three sizes and a variety of finishes. The client selected the 900 x 900 mm option, which allows high throughput pedestrian access. The direct pivot design ensures true alignment of the door and removes the need for clumsy, noisy, high-maintenance hinges. A recessed 500 kg monitored magnetic lock ensures the optimum secure closing of the door and eliminates the possibility of forced opening. A mortice lock is included for night-time locking of the doors and red and green LED indicator lights provide visual guidance for the bank patrons.

The frame structure and door are manufactured in high-quality steel to prevent sagging and warping. In addition, the stainless steel base bearings are designed for longevity and corrosion resistance. The 4.5-mm 3Cr12 stainless steel base plate is provided with heavy-duty rubber covering to ensure no slips or trips occur.

The access solution provided by Turnstar has provided the bank with enhanced security, while concurrently eliminating the disorderly queuing that previously took place at the entrances. Added to this, the bank’s request for a form of highly visual security that would act as a deterrent and could be activated in the event of emergencies, is very ably met by the Man-Trap cubicles.

For security reasons, the name of the banking institution has been omitted.


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