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Security Sensitive Installation – Nigeria 2015


When a high-security installation in Nigeria was faced with security breach issues, a risk analysis indicated that a combination of access control elements was required. The contract to supply turnstiles and traffic bollards was awarded to Turnstar as a result of the company’s solid and established reputation at similar installations in South Africa and throughout Africa.

Turnstar Director Craig Sacks explains that after consultation with the client it was decided to supply 20 Titan single turnstiles in 304 grade brushed stainless steel and 61 automatic hydraulic bollards, also manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel. “Corrosion is an issue at the facility, due to its proximity to the ocean, so we selected stainless steel as it is ideally suited to the environment, whilst still maintaining an aesthetically appealing finish.”

SKU_7675The Titan turnstiles – the biggest selling in Africa – will be connected to card readers to be installed by the client and will control all employees and visitors entering and exiting the property to ensure only registered card holders are granted access. The turnstiles are heavy duty in construction and have been proven in the field in a wide variety of applications.

Designed for reliable service, the Titan turnstiles incorporate suspended rotor technology, to eliminate stress on the base bearing. The self-centring rotation system means that the rotor returns to its starting position after every rotation. As an added safety feature, the ROTASAFE® anti-trap safety system means that there is no mid-rotation locking or trapping in the event of a power failure and the mechanical key override is available for both clockwise and anticlockwise directions.

The 200 mm diameter automatic hydraulic bollards are designed for rapid deployment and can be raised and lowered in just seconds. Whilst vehicular security is a primary driver for their installation, the bollards also factor pedestrian safety into the equation, with a rubber edged head that prevents injury in the event of an accidental bump. Should a vehicle accidentally or purposefully drive into the bollard, it will continue to operate, thus providing complete security assurance. An LED in the bollard head adds to the unit’s visibility, to decrease the incidence of accidental impact.

The hydraulic unit is housed in the upper portion of the bollard and the bollard is equipped with two magnetic limit switches for positioning feedback. A solenoid valve in the bollard allows for automatic lowering of the bollard should a power failure occur.

“These bollards have been used in a number of heavy duty applications such as military bases, airports, embassies, banks and prisons so we have full confidence in their ability to provide maximised access control. Rising to a height of 800 mm above the ground and providing up to
180 000 Joules of breakout assistance,” adds Sacks.

The turnstiles and bollards were shipped to Nigeria for installation by the client in September 2015. Turnstar will also send a technician to Nigeria to assist with the project installation and commissioning, ensuring that the products are installed correctly and to specification.


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