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Shoprite – 2021

Turnstar’s sleek physical access control solutions complement Shoprite head office

Local retailer and house-brand grocery manufacturer, Shoprite, has opened its plush new head office in the Cape Town suburb of Brackenfell. The state-of-the-art premises are the hub for the company’s Western Cape administrative staff and provide support for the company’s retail outlets throughout the province.

In keeping with the upmarket ambience of the facilities and concurrently maintaining superior levels of health and safety for employees and visitors, Shoprite invested in various physical access solutions from Turnstar.

Craig Sacks, CEO of Turnstar explains that a double 650mm wide Speedgate Kinetic lane provides enhanced assurance of safety protocol screening as it was combined with a temperature detector by the access control integrator. A Special Needs Gate and a full height single Titan turnstile (manufactured in powder coated galvanised steel) were installed in order to provide wheelchair access and higher security levels, respectively. In addition, a Triton full-height curved glass turnstile, equipped with a coin mechanism, has been installed at the entrance to the public bathrooms near the flagship store.

“The Speedgate Kinetic’s sleek design is perfectly suited to the high-end interior finishes of the new Shoprite facilities. However, functionality has not been compromised for looks in the design of the Kinetic, making it the ideal access solution where fast pedestrian through-flow is required. The Kinetic is based on personal safety, with the glass wings opening away from the pedestrian and a series of detectors preventing closing of the gate when a person or object is within the closing envelope,” says Sacks.

Catering for all eventualities, the Special Needs Gate is a waist height semi-automatic 180° opening gate that provides access for wheelchairs, baby pushchairs and trolleys.

The Triton full-height curved glass three-wing turnstile allows bi-directional operation and is designed with a self-centering rotation system whereby the rotor returns to the starting position after every rotation. Reliability and safety are further enhanced with the Anti-Trap® safety system and the extra-secure 60° anti-reverse system. In the event of a power failure, the mechanical key override allows fail-secure operation.


COVID-19 Range Available

Our Covid-19 range is now available. Ensure a safe working environment during the Covid-19 outbreak.