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Swakopmund Uranium Mine

Turnstar’s range of industrial turnstiles not only offer a high level of security, but also an unmatched level of reliability especially in harsh mining environments. That’s why Turnstar was chosen when it came to the decision of securing the new Swakopmund Uranium mine in Namibia. Operated by a multinational Chinese firm, the mine is currently under construction and will employ over 10 000 miners and builders. The TRIUMPH turnstile was specified as the product of choice and a total of 15 units were recently ordered and supplied. The turnstiles are installed inside retired 40 foot long shipping containers which have been converted. The conversion involves the removing of the steel container walls (enabling pedestrian access through the container) and the refurbishment of the steel work, including the waterproofing, floor rubberising and repainting.

Containerised turnstiles are ideal for construction sites as they enable the builder to move the access controlled entrance to where it is needed on site. Each container is fitted with 5 entrance turnstiles as well as a secure office area where a security guard is stationed. The TRIUMPH turnstiles are supplied with a fit-and-forget 5 year guarantee and are designed to withstand the harsh and dusty conditions of the mine.

swakopmund turnstiles


COVID-19 Range Available

Our Covid-19 range is now available. Ensure a safe working environment during the Covid-19 outbreak.