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Total Oil & Gas Cameroon

Turnstiles for Total Oil & Gas Cameroon


Turnstar Systems, established in 1990, is Africa’s largest manufacturer of turnstiles and vehicle barriers. Turnstar’s products are exported worldwide and were the logical choice for Total Oil & Gas when it came to their security upgrade. All Turnstar turnstiles are covered by an industry leading 5-year guarantee and are designed to be a fit-and-forget solution. Turnstar has such confidence in their products, that they do not send any spares with their turnstiles and vehicle barriers even for projects on the other side of the world. The products are extremely reliable and are designed to withstand some of the toughest conditions on the African continent. Servitel Intelec, established in 1982, is West Africa’s leading supplier of communication technology, including voice, data and video, and security. Servitel has an indirect sales presence in over 16 West African countries and currently services over 500 clients. Servitel’s headoffice is in Douala, Cameroon and currently employs 60 staff. 20 of which are experts in the electronics field. Technology products supported by Servitel include Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco Systems and many others. Total Oil & Gas Cameroon which is one of West Africa’s largest oil & gas producers required an upgrade of their overall plant security. A secondary goal was to replace the existing time & attendance configuration with a state-of-the-art monitoring system. Total’s operations are constantly influenced by a number of large risks. Firstly, there is always an ever growing risk of terrorism, either by international terrorist organisations or local rebel factions who may wish to destabilise the oil supply & revenues of the government. Secondly, employee safety is always of prime concern. Thirdly, time & attendance fraud is always a cost which an organisation must always control and minimise.


TRIUMPH double turnstile Turnstar turnstiles were manufactured and installed at various pedestrian entrances around the compound. The TRIUMPH 3 full height double turnstile was chosen for staff entry due to the need for a high level or security and a robust turnstile solution. The turnstile was supplied with a hot dip galvanised finish due to the severe environmental conditions, such as high levels of heat, humidity and moisture. The TRIUMPH 3 is fitted with both the Turnstar ROTALOK® rotation locking mechanism and the ROTARUN® perpetual base bearing which are guaranteed for a period of 5 years and are designed to provide maintenance free operation. Industrial plastics are incorporated into the turnstile mechanism due to their self lubricating characteristics and wearing parts are all case hardened to superior longevity. The TRIDENT waist height turnstile was chosen for the reception area of the premises. The TRIDENT waist height turnstile is a prestige product designed with industrial applications in mind. The turnstile is extremely reliable and is not only fitted with the Turnstar ROTALOK® rotation locking mechanism, but also with the Turnstar ROTASLO® hydraulic damper system which ensure ultra-quiet operation. The TRIDENT turnstile is often installed in reception areas and quiet operation is of great importance. The TRIDENT turnstiles were manufactured from powder coated 304 grade stainless steel due to the severe environmental conditions.
TRAFFIC MASTER vehicle barrier
The TRAFFIC MASTER vehicle barrier was selected to control vehicular access. The TRAFFIC MASTER is a heavy duty industrial vehicle barrier and is designed to operate in extremely harsh environmental conditions. The cabinet of the vehicle barrier is manufactured from powder coated 3Cr12 stainless steel. Turnstar also manufactured special proximity card reader columns for the seamless mounting and integration of the proximity card system with the TRAFFIC MASTER vehicle barriers.

The TURNSTAR products were sent to Cameroon by airfreight and the installation was carried out by Servitel. The installation and commissioning was carried out over a period of 2 months.


COVID-19 Range Available

Our Covid-19 range is now available. Ensure a safe working environment during the Covid-19 outbreak.