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Turkish Embassy – 2019

Turkish embassy’s physical security enhanced

Foreign embassies are often a target for unwanted threats and ensuring that they are properly secured is a major priority. The Turkish Embassy in Hatfield, Pretoria recently increased physical security at its facilities with the addition of two Turnstar automatic traffic bollards.

Installed at the main gate to the embassy premises, the grey powder coated bollards are 800 mm high and 200 mm in diameter and have reflective strips to ensure complete visibility even in poor lighting conditions.

Hydraulically lowered and raised, the bollards are manufactured from FE370 steel steel and are designed for their robustness and durability over extended periods of time, even in inclement weather conditions.


The raising and lowering of the bollards is made possible through a number of different access control systems that include keypads, biometric fingerprint readers, RFID swipe cards and intercom communications.

“When not in a raised position, the bollards lie flush with the road surface, thus providing safe passage for vehicles legitimately entering or leaving the property. The bollards are equipped with a manual override feature for specific instances where they cannot be lowered by electronic means,” says Craig Sacks, MD of Turnstar.

Turnstar’s range of bollards and road blockers are fitted with heavy-duty hydraulics and offer a total physical security solution, as well as anti-terror protection and each vehicle barrier is proven to be highly resistant to both vandalism and ‘ram raids’.

According to Sacks, it is important that the correct bollard is selected for a specific application. “We have a team that is able to conduct a site visit to ascertain exact needs. Extensive experience over the years in designing and deploying appropriate traffic barriers means that the product is matched to the particular requirements of the site and client. We make use of CAD to design customised solutions, ensuring that the vehicle barrier is correctly installed.”


    COVID-19 Range Available

    Our Covid-19 range is now available. Ensure a safe working environment during the Covid-19 outbreak.