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Turnstiles – Altech 2013

Altech relies on Turnstar for its turnstile and special needs gate

A company that is synonymous with encouraging high levels of vehicle and fleet security, Altech Netstar takes the security of its own employees seriously. When this JSE listed company, pioneers in the development of stolen vehicle tracking and recovery systems, upgraded its corporate headquarters in Midrand, the issues posed by suitable access control were clearly addressed with Turnstar’s Trident turnstile and Special Needs Gate.

One of the prerequisites for the security upgrade portion of the project was the ability of the supplier to accommodate the high-level aesthetics within the upgraded reception area, without compromising personnel safety. Not only does the building house the company’s administrative, sales and technical staff, but a number of potential customers frequently pass through the entrance in search of a suitable vehicle tracking and recovery system.

With a clear understanding of the specific needs of the client in place, Turnstar recommended the implementation of its Trident waist height turnstile and semi-automatic Special Needs Gate.

As the market leader of stolen vehicle tracking and recovery systems with respect to volume, product range and infrastructure, Altech Netstar has built its reputation on quality and customer service and expects the same values of its suppliers. Turnstar’s reputation for providing turnstiles and special needs gates to a number of discerning market sectors has been built and reinforced over many years.

Trident waist height turnstile

waist height turnstileThe brushed stainless steel Trident turnstile is designed for high speed, ultra-quiet operation for high pedestrian traffic volumes. Fitted with a Rotalok® rotation locking mechanism, this turnstile was designed by professional engineers to operate in a bi-directional manner over extended periods of time.

The products matched the architect’s criteria of being able to handle over 500 employees daily, combined with soundless operation and an upmarket appearance. Quiet operation was critical since there are two receptionists, who cannot be disturbed by excessive noise, stationed adjacent to the turnstile. All Turnstar waist height turnstiles are fitted with a hydraulic damper that carefully slows the turnstile arm during the locking process to prevent the banging noise often heard emanating from cheaper turnstiles during operation.

Cognisant of the need to provide access for pushchairs and wheelchairs, Altech Netstar requested the supply of a special needs gate. The special needs gate combines superior aesthetics with a secure and convenient solution. The special needs gate installed in Altech Netstar’s reception area is a framed model, which accentuates the high-tech feel of the building. Designed to unlock on activation via a pushbutton, biometric reader or card, the Turnstar special needs gate carefully closes in an unassisted manner to relock once the pedestrian has safely passed through.

With over 10 000 Altech Netstar tracking systems installed every month, through a network of over 100 fitment centres around the country, the company now has one less security concern. Its head office access control system, comprising the Turnstar turnstile and special needs gate will continue to filter pedestrian traffic in a secure and fault-free manner.


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