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Vehicle access control for the Lazizi Premier hotel

The Lazizi Premier Hotel currently being constructed in Nairobi, Kenya is creating quite a buzz. There is an accute shortage of luxury transit accomodation catering to travellers, airline crews and other visitings arriving at the Jomo Kenyata International Airport. It is hoped that the luxury Lazizi Premier Hotel will fill this gap not only in terms of convenience but also in terms of luxury. The hotel is currently being constructed on over 1 acre of land and will have 150 rooms and suites. Turnstar was selected to control vehicular access into the premises. Two 4.5m long TRAFFIC MASTER vehicle barriers as well as a 4.5m TALON tyre-spike barrier are to be installed at three entrances around the compound. The TALON BARRIER provides a high level of security and is fitted with a unique double sided spike which provides protection for vehicles traveling in any direction.



COVID-19 Range Available

Our Covid-19 range is now available. Ensure a safe working environment during the Covid-19 outbreak.