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Western Cape Public Pools – 2015

Turnstiles for Cape Town Swimming Pools

Things are going swimmingly for Turnstar in the Western Cape. Based on the reputation of its physical access products, the company’s Cape Town branch recently supplied products and services to 12 different public swimming pool facilities.

The spring and summer months see a large influx of both recreational and competitive swimmers into public swimming pools and access control can be a logistical nightmare, especially at opening times. The City of Cape Town required a solution that would provide a means of reducing bottlenecks and soothing pedestrian traffic flow.

In addition to controlling access and ensuring that only patrons who have paid for entrance can use the facilities, the new access control measures will greatly enhance safety at the pools. The City of Cape Town has repeatedly publicised its intention to reduce any incidents that commonly occur at its swimming pools. In addition to the strategic placement of lifeguards, the City has outlined areas of concern which can be addressed very effectively with turnstiles and security gates.

“The City of Cape Town has issued a ban on the conveyance and use of alcohol, firearms or animals on the premises or in the pools. In addition, underwater diving equipment, inflatable mattresses and tubes are not allowed in the pools. By providing a physical, restricted and very controlled barrier to entry, swimming pool management is able to identify any transgressors before they enter the property and disallow access,” says Turnstar Director Craig Sacks.

swimming pool turnstileThe solutions provided by Turnstar Cape Town include a combination of hot dip galvanised and stainless steel products. In total, two Trident waist height turnstiles with granite top covers; two Titan 3 half height turnstiles; two Titan 3 full height turnstiles; two Triumph 3 full height turnstiles; three mortice lock gates; one double security gate; two screens and one barrier were supplied.

In addition, the company undertook electric and mechanical conversions at seven of the swimming pools. “In these instances, we were requested to modify existing sub-standard turnstiles, supplied by third parties, by fitting our Rotalok® mechanism. Once installed, the Rotalok® rotation locking mechanism and electronic control panel incorporates the Anti-Trap® safety system and suspended rotor technology, is covered by a five-year guarantee,” Sacks explains.

All turnstiles are operated by a pushbutton in the cashier’s office and exit is free through the outgoing turnstile. A counter with a reset key, for auditing purposes, ensures that internal fraud is eliminated.


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