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Bollards for Pretoria Embassy – 2014

Turnstar Guardian automatic hydraulic bollards heighten security at Embassy facility

The safety of embassy employees and visitors is critical. High profile ministers and VIPs are frequent visitors to embassies and their safety and security are considered to be of primary concern. In an effort to increase security levels in its access control system, an embassy in Pretoria decided to redesign its existing system with the inclusion of two Turnstar Systems Guardian automatic hydraulic bollards.

Due to security concerns, the Pretoria based embassy cannot be named.

The embassy considered the weaknesses in its security system and recently implemented its plan to build a new gate entrance to the property in order to limit unauthorised access to the facilities. The new main entrance from the street comprises a sliding gate and a gooseneck with intercom and camera.

An interlock was created whereby once a vehicle enters the embassy premises, it is forced to stop at a further interior gate. Therefore, while the first gate is open, the second gate will remain closed. It is only once the first gate is securely closed that visitors or employees can gain access through the second gate. The Guardian automatic hydraulic bollards are situated after the second gate.

embassy bollardsBased on the high security levels required, the embassy selected the Guardian automatic hydraulic bollards. The advantage of using a traffic bollard like the Guardian is that it rises automatically. The operation of the bollards can be controlled by a number of different access control systems, including keypads, biometric fingerprint readers, RFID swipe cards and intercom communications. When not activated, the bollards lie flush with the road surface, for an aesthetically pleasing finish and completely safe passage for vehicles.

Constructed from attractive heavy duty 275 mm diameter stainless steel tubing, the automatic bollard is an alternative to using a road blocking system. It is more suitable for sites where a more architecturally sensitive security system is required.

The automatic features of the Guardian automatic hydraulic bollard make it extremely popular with embassies, consulates, military installations, airports, railways, bus stations, border control, ports, oil & gas refineries and mines. The bollards also have a manual override feature to allow them to be lowered in special circumstances.

The bollards are 800 mm high and an LED light ring situated on the top of the bollard alerts vehicles to its presence. Tests conducted on these highly engineered bollards indicate that they are capable of halting the progress of a 2-ton vehicle travelling at 72 km/h.

Turnstar Systems employs a team of skilled and knowledgeable engineers who apply best practice design principles gained over many years of considering customer feedback on specific security requirements. The design and construction of the Guardian bollards is tried and tested and the hydraulic system has proved its reliability over extended periods of time at a number of installations.


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