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Why choose a stainless steel turnstile?

Stainless steel offers a great finish for your industrial turnstile, however, what are the benefits that justify the additional cost?

Stainless steel offers high levels of corrosion resistance especially in chloride bearing environments such as coastal regions. This property provides a great functional benefit especially in regions/areas where galvanised mild steel has failed. Turnstar offers industrial turnstiles in both 304 grade and 316 marine grade stainless steels, which offer high levels of corrosion resistance.

The clean-ability of stainless steel is a key feature when it comes to installing a turnstile in food processing plants where hygiene is of the utmost concern and regular cleaning is required. Stainless steel turnstiles are great for industrial butcheries, bakeries and food production facilities.

Obviously stainless steel provides a great aesthetic and pleasing appearance. Turnstar offers all its industrial turnstiles in a brushed finish.

Besides for regular cleaning in order to prevent the build up of chlorides, stainless steel turnstiles can be expected to last virtually forever. The rusting of mild steel is effectively the returning of the material back to the earth, but this does not happen with stainless steel as it has a protective layer of oxygen which coats the material surface. The durability of stainless steel Turnstar turnstiles offers total piece of mind.

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COVID-19 Range Available

Our Covid-19 range is now available. Ensure a safe working environment during the Covid-19 outbreak.