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DSV – 2021

Turnstar equips new DSV facilities with numerous physical access solutions

Global freight and courier giants, DSV, are expanding and refining their footprint in South Africa with the construction of their massive new headquarters in Johannesburg and a further large regional warehouse and office facility in Cape Town.

Situated near OR Tambo International Airport, DSV Park in Gauteng will house a logistics warehouse of 79 000 m², a cross-dock facility of 39 000 m² and office space of 10 000 m². Most of DSV’s business units in Gauteng and elsewhere will move to centralised facilities, which is consistent with the organisation’s global strategy of consolidating office and warehouse space to deliver a more efficient, seamless service to its customers.

Such immense facilities require carefully thought out and orchestrated physical security systems to ensure controlled access and maximised security. The company elected to stipulate several products from Turnstar’s extensive range of proven physical access systems.

“We have supplied 39 full-height single stainless steel Titan turnstiles for use at various entry points within the facility. The large volumes of employees passing through the lanes daily mean that the turnstiles need to offer DSV high-security levels while at the same time ensuring that bottlenecks do not occur. In addition, a Speedgate Motion double lane turnstile is complemented by a special needs Pulse Gate, making them the perfect solutions for DSV,” says Craig Sacks, CEO of Turnstar.

The Speedgate Motion lanes are designed for ultra-heavy-duty, high-speed operation and prevent tailgating and unauthorised direction of pedestrians. This ensures that the flow of authorised pedestrians is unhindered, thereby increasing productivity levels. The Pulse automatic gate provides controlled access and unassisted opening and closing for trolleys, wheelchairs and baby buggy.

In addition to the Titan turnstiles, Speedgate and Pulse Gate, DSV is having 38 of the
3-metre wide Velocity Raptor spike barriers installed at the entrance and exit points to DSV Park. The Velocity Raptor is a high-security solution that operates on a three-stage interlinked opening and closing process.

  • Opening: The spikes lower, the barrier arm is raised and the OPTIC LED barrier arm changes to green.
  • Closing: The OPTIC LED barrier arm changes to red, the barrier arm is lowered and the spikes rise.


All six DSV business units in the Western Cape, together with the company’s 750 employees, will be housed in the new facility which is situated at Solar City, just next to Cape Town International Airport.

Due to the corrosive environment, the Cape Town facilities will have nine galvanised steel full height double Titan turnstiles installed, together with three full height single Titan turnstiles, six 4.5-metre wide Velocity recessed Talons, four 2.5-metre wide Velocity recessed Talons, and one double Speedgate Motion Lane with a Pulse Gate and filler barriers.

“The Titan turnstiles are incredibly popular for high-volume access control scenarios where their durability and reliability allow for repeated operation over extended periods. An indication of their applicability in providing high-security levels without impeding pedestrian flow is their deployment at various large sporting events, including the CAF African Cup of Nations in Ghana and various stadia during the 2010 World Cup Soccer event in South Africa,” says Sacks.


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