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Event Hire

Event Hire

Turnstiles available for event hire

Turnstar has a number of Tournament turnstiles which are available for short, medium and long-term hire. The turnstile is ideal for temporary events such as festivals, sports events, concerts, elections and conferences.

The turnstiles are fitted with a heavy duty steel base which can be placed on virtually any surface. The base is coated with a rubberised non-slip surface and has forklift channels for ease of movement. The turnstile can also be moved by lifting it by hand.

The turnstiles can be set for controlled entry and exit as well as manual free rotation. A pushbutton, counter and reset keyswitch are provided for controlled entry. The counter enables the event manager to audit the number of entries with the number of operations.

The turnstile is compatible with any ticketing system or access control system. All that is required to unlock the turnstile for rotation is a dry contact (zero voltage contact closure) from the access system.

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