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Kyalami Corner – 2020

spike barrier automatic

Turnstar’s Velocity Raptor restores security levels at Kyalami Corner

The Kyalami Corner shopping centre, which opened in April 2017, offers ample free parking for its customers. The busy centre includes flagship Woolworths Food and Checkers stores, Clicks, MICA, a 3 500m² Virgin Active gym and a choice of restaurants.

Since its inception, the access to the parking has proved a major concern for the management of the centre. Ongoing failure of the existing vehicle security barriers were a source of ongoing frustration and annoyance for both the patrons and the tenants. The removal of the 11 third party stainless steel spike barriers and their subsequent replacement with 11 Turnstar Velocity Raptor tyre spike vehicle barriers, has resulted in increased security and has eliminated bottlenecks in the entrance and exit points.


Inferior spike barriers

Inferior spike barriers removed by Turnstar after constant failure

“The Velocity Raptor vehicle barriers were manufactured for Kyalami Corner in aesthetically pleasing 304 grade brushed stainless steel, with boom arm lengths varying from 3 to 5 metres, to suit specific size requirements. The barrier arms are also fitted with a breakaway mechanism which prevents damage to the pole and minimises vehicular damage in the event of a collision,” says Craig Sacks, MD of Turnstar.

The Velocity Raptor is making waves with its integrated optic LED light strip in its boom. This provides for maximum visibility, safety and aesthetics when vehicles approach and move through entrances and exits at the centre. “Similar to the traffic light principle, when the LED in the boom is illuminated in red, the boom will remain in the closed position and the double-sided spikes remain in the raised position, halting traffic. When it is safe for vehicles to pass through the entrance or exit point, the LED will be illuminated in green on the raised boom arm and the spiked will be lowered,” says Sacks.


spike barrier automatic



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