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Postmasburg Mine – 2019

Turnstar provides customised mobile access control solution
for iron ore mine

The sheer size of mine properties, often coupled with their remote location, means that access control methods have to frequently be designed around out-of-the-box thinking. An iron ore mining operation in Postmasburg in the Northern Cape has adopted Turnstar’s bespoke mobile trailer-mounted solution that allows the mine to transport the critical access control function to anywhere it is required on the widespread premises.

Recognised for its pioneering development of physical access control security products, Turnstar carefully reviewed the mine’s specific requirements and developed a solution that factored in mobility, ruggedness and remote operation.

“One of the factors synonymous with a number of mining operations is that because of their location, certain areas on the mine may be subjected to power supply issues. To overcome this problem, we designed the access control trailer to run off solar power. The solar panels, which are built into the frame, can be tilted to maximise the solar exposure and the unit contains a deep cycle battery with an intelligent solar charge controller,” says Craig Sacks, MD of Turnstar.

The trailer powers six access control readers: two for pedestrians to clock in and out of the mine; and four for vehicles, with a double-height gooseneck, providing ease of use for car and truck drivers alike. The goosenecks are stabilised with concrete blocks, which are easy to move and deploy. Traffic Master 3-metre vehicle barriers with a BLDC (brushless DC) 12V motor and retroreflective optical sensor, were mounted securely on the trailer. The clever design eliminates the need for a separate mounting post or for a receiver/transmitter on the opposite side of the road.

Sacks explains that safety of operation was an important prerequisite in the design brief. The trailer is supplied with all the necessary roadworthy and registration documentation and all components are fitted into specially designed holders to ensure safe transportation.

“Consequently, we gave much consideration to the safety of the cabling to ensure that no accidental harm could come to users and bystanders. We have achieved our goal by using rubber ramps with cable channels, extending in a 4-metre wide span across the road.”

Sacks says that the client is impressed with the system, which can be deployed within 5 minutes to provide a high-level access control barrier. Modularity and scalability are catered for with the ability to easily add lighting elements, as well as CCTV camera poles and brackets, for end-to-end security provision.



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