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Rand Merchant Bank – 2020

speedgate at RMB

Turnstar Speedgate Express turnstiles add sophisticated security to
RMB head office in Sandton

The prestigious RMB (Rand Merchant Bank) head office in Sandton recently underwent an access control facelift in its reception area. The project involved replacing existing turnstiles with five high-speed lanes of Turnstar Speedgate Express.

“Interestingly, the Turnstar Streamline turnstiles, which we installed 15 years ago, have given reliable service and have perfectly suited the needs of RMB during this period. When the organisation recently decided to further enhance their current physical security, it was a logical use our our Speedgate Express lanes,” says Craig Sacks, MD of Turnstar.


speedgate express lanes


Sacks explains that Turnstar adapted the installation layout in order to ensure the new lanes fitted seamlessly into the existing footprint. In addition, the design also included the recessing of the third party access control readers in order to retain the sleek curved shape of the Speedgate Express turnstiles.

The ultra-high-speed Speedgate Express turnstiles perfectly complement the upmarket RMB ambient aesthetics and have LED lane-status glass illumination for increased safety and improved visibility. The Speedgate Express has a precision laser cut and handcrafted 304 brushed stainless steel cabinet and triangular glass wings, which together provide a modern and highly sophisticated addition to any facility.

“In addition to its superior appearance, the Speedgate Express turnstile is also extremely durable and functional. The heavy-duty high-speed motor and motion detector sensor array (which intelligently follows the pedestrian through the lane) result in the fast and safe passage of pedestrians through the entrance. Furthermore, the anti-tamper detection feature ensures that tailgating, unauthorised direction and ‘crawling’ are eliminated,” says Sacks.



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