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Total Energy Mozambique – 2023

Turnstar Installs 4 Containerised Security Portals in Mozambique

Turnstar was recently tasked with the manufacture and supply of 4 containerised temporary security portals for Total Energy Mozambique. This large-scale project required the installation of 16 TITAN full height double turnstiles and 8 security gates, as well as 6 STREAMLINE single turnstiles and 6 Special Needs Gates to secure the oil refinery site.

The containerised security portals were designed to ensure maximum safety and longevity at the oil refinery site in Mozambique. To achieve this, each container was outfitted with a bank of hot dip galvanised mild steel turnstiles, an office, and a security roller shutter door. This provided a comfortable environment for security personnel to work in while also reducing any potential inconvenience due to harsh weather conditions. Additionally, air conditioners were included in each office for added comfort.

The TITAN turnstiles were specifically chosen for their durability, as they come with Turnstar’s world famous Rotalok turnstile mechanism, which is guaranteed for 10-years. This ensures that they will be able withstand even the most intensive usage without compromising on safety or performance standards set by Total Energy Mozambique. The STREAMLINE single turnstiles and Special Needs Gates provide further access control at their head office reception area which is essential for their day-to-day operations.

At Turnstar, we are proud of our ability to provide secure access solutions tailored specifically towards our clients’ needs – no matter how big or small the task may be! We understand the importance of maintaining safety standards when it comes to high profile projects such as this one in Mozambique – which is why our team works hard to ensure that every detail is taken into consideration when designing these systems. With our extensive experience in providing quality products backed up by exceptional customer service we believe that our solutions are second-to-none!


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