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Turnstiles for Kusile – The worlds largest coal-fired power station

Turnstar has received the order to provide turnstiles for the construction site of the worlds largest coal-fired power station. Kusile power station is on schedule to be in full operation in 2018 and Turnstar was Eskom’s first choice when it came controlling access to the billion dollar construction site.

56 TRIUMPH 4 full height single turnstiles are to be installed in eight converted 40 foot shipping containers. The shipping containers are no longer suitable for standard container usage and are to be converted into a portable turnstile solution by removing the side walls. The containers will then be waterproofed & repainted and the turnstiles installed. Installing turnstiles into containers is ideal for a site like Kusile, as it enables the construction company to temporarily erect an access controlled area in a short amount of time.

Over 20 000 workers will be passing through the turnstiles on a daily basis. The turnstiles are guaranteed for 5 years and no maintenance is required.


COVID-19 Range Available

Our Covid-19 range is now available. Ensure a safe working environment during the Covid-19 outbreak.