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Revolving Door – Discovery Health 2013

A healthy and green building thanks to Turnstar

Discovery Health Medical Scheme, administered by Discovery Health, is the largest private healthcare funder in South Africa, with over 2.5 million lives covered. In addition to the medical scheme benefits, Discovery Health is a registered financial services provider that also offers investment schemes, the world-renowned Vitality Plan, personal liability cover, long-term life insurance and short-term insurance policies on assets.

Discovery is a true pioneer and is currently expanding at a rapid rate into the UK and Asian markets. Its Vitality product was featured in the Harvard Business Review and has won numerous international awards.


Building work on the Group’s extensive corporate head office in Sandton began in 2006 and will be completed in predetermined phases. The need to control high-volume access to the premises was based on a two-fold decision: to integrate with the company’s payroll system and to ensure that safety and security were top of mind.


Turnstar – Africa’s largest manufacturer of physical access control products – supplied a number of its turnstile, access gate and revolving door solutions to ensure that the access of company employees and visitors was expedited quickly and methodically.

At the entrance to the reception area Turnstar supplied an Atlas automatic revolving door. This revolving door allows easy access to the high-volume pedestrian traffic that moves through the Discovery Health offices.

Not only is the Atlas automatic revolving door the perfect entrance product for this large corporate, but it is also a superb draught block between the exterior and interior of the building, ensuring that cool air conditioned air inside the building does note escape when a pedestrian enters the building.

Revolving door installed at Discovery
Revolving door installed at Discovery Health

The Atlas revolving door is an eco-conscious decision on the part of Discovery Health, in line with its environmental stewardship. Conventional hinged and sliding doors can allow up to eight times as much airflow as a revolving door. The use of an Atlas revolving door results in a decreased need for air conditioning and heating, with a simultaneous lowered carbon footprint and a decrease in energy costs for the company.

Because the Atlas revolving door is provided in a modular bolt-together design, ease of transport and rapid installation is ensured.

Ten Triton half-height glass turnstiles were installed in the reception area of the building. With the high volume of people entering and leaving this area every day, the choice of the aesthetically pleasing half-height glass turnstiles was obvious.

The Triton half-height glass turnstiles are ideally suited to applications that require high volume access and medium levels of security. Designed to complement prestige installations, the turnstiles are constructed in brushed stainless steel with a top cover of granite inlay.

In order to facilitate the easy movement of wheelchairs, baby pushchairs and trolleys, Turnstar supplied six semi-automatic 180° special needs gates. These waist height 180° opening gates are available in framed and frameless glass options and provide controlled access and unassisted closing for wheeled conveyances.


COVID-19 Range Available

Our Covid-19 range is now available. Ensure a safe working environment during the Covid-19 outbreak.