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King Shaka International Airport – 2023

As one of the busiest airports in South Africa, King Shaka International Airport in KwaZulu-Natal is known for its high passenger traffic and strict security measures. In order to maintain the safety of everyone within the airport premises, the management required an advanced vehicle access control system for the airport’s paid parking areas. This was when Turnstar Systems was chosen to supply and install 46 Raptor automatic spike barriers.

Craig Sacks, Director of Turnstar Systems, shared some insights into the project, saying that the company manufactured a total of 46 x 3m surface dome spikes for the airport. The decision to work with Turnstar Systems was based on their spike barrier’s unique dome design, which is capable of providing a combination of a tall puncturing spike with the lowest height ramps in the market. This means that the dome design is low enough to reduce the risk of damaging an authorised vehicle’s undercarriage. The dome spikes were developed based on the client’s specific needs, ensuring that the final solution met their requirements.

Turnstar Systems worked closely with a contractor who supplied the Magnetic Autocontrol vehicle barriers. The Turnstar team had to integrate these barriers to work with the South African-manufactured spike system. The integration process included the adapting the spike barrier software to allow for seamless communication between the two systems. The result was an optimised vehicle access control system that is effective, efficient, and secure.

The advanced features of the solution provided by Turnstar Systems ensured the highest level of security for the King Shaka International Airport. The spike barriers are capable of stopping a vehicle attempting to gain unauthorised entry and are quick enough to ensure high speed access without the build up of traffic jams.

Turnstar Systems’s innovative spike barrier solution met the requirements of King Shaka International Airport, providing an advanced vehicle access control system for one of the busiest airports in South Africa. The dome design of the spikes, the low height ramps of the barrier, and the seamless integration with the Magnetic Autocontrol vehicle barriers all ensured an optimal level of security for the airport.


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