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Private School Group, Cape Town – 2023

Security is a top priority for businesses and institutions all over the world. The need for technology that can deter and protect against possible terrorist attacks and criminal activities has never been higher. One company that has been rising to meet this challenge is Turnstar Systems. 

A prestigious group of private schools in Cape Town required a high-level security solution that would provide access control to their campuses. They needed to implement a system that would protect their staff and students from harm, while also allowing the free flow of vehicles in and out of the school premises. Turnstar Systems’ hydraulic bollards were the perfect solution. The bollards were manufactured from 304-grade brushed stainless steel and contained their own hydraulic power pack, making them extremely durable and easy to install.

Turnstar Systems installed a total of 6 hydraulic bollards at 3 different sites. Four hydraulic bollards were installed at the main school entrances, and two were installed at a separate entrance. The hydraulic bollards were operated by a combination of remote control and automatic vehicle sensors. The sensors were placed at strategic points within the driveway, and when activated, they would automatically lower the hydraulic bollards to allow authorized vehicles to pass.

According to Craig Sacks, “The hydraulic bollards were chosen because they offer a high level of protection against hostile vehicle attacks. The brushed stainless steel finish is aesthetically pleasing, and the hydraulic power pack ensures tens of thousands of fault free operation. The automatic sensors are also a key feature as they eliminate the need for manual intervention and prevent the possibility of damaging an authorised vehicle.”

The hydraulic bollards are an ideal solution for anti-terror and high-security applications. They provide a barrier that can withstand the force of a moving vehicle and prevent it from entering the protected area. The bollards are also easy to install and are virtually maintenance-free. In addition, they are environmentally friendly as they consume very little power.

Turnstar Systems’ hydraulic bollards are the solution for businesses and institutions that require high-level security measures. The project for the supply of bollards for a prestigious group of private schools in Cape Town, South Africa, is a testament to the effectiveness of this technology. The hydraulic bollards provide a barrier that can withstand hostile vehicle attacks while also ensuring that authorized vehicles can enter and exit the premises. With its durable construction, automatic sensors, and hydraulic power pack, Turnstar Systems’ hydraulic bollards are the ideal solution for high-security applications.


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