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What do you need to know when buying a turnstile?

We’ve listed a few key questions that must be answered when deciding to purchase a full height turnstile.

1. Do I require a 3-arm, 4-arm or 5-arm turnstile?

A key consideration here is the balance between comfort and security. A 3-arm turnstile offers a greater amount of walk through space but a lower level of security. A 4-arm turnstile is more secure than the 3-arm version, however, it is not the ultimate in security. A 5-arm turnstile offers one of the highest levels of security available, but very low levels of comfort. Our standard recommendation is for a customer to go with a 4-arm unit.

2. How many employees will be using the turnstile at any particular time?

The answer to this question will influence the quantity of turnstiles required. We generally work on a flow rate of 1 person every 6 seconds, that’s 10 people per minute and 150 people in 15 minutes. This is an acceptable flow rate. The turnstile can handle any amount of transactions, however, there are a number of key factors which slow down the transaction speed, such as the speed at which the pedestrian walks and the speed at which the access control reader processes the transaction.

3. What finish is required?

Your turnstile will be available in a number of different surface and material finishes. Taking the time to choose the correct finish will extend the longevity of the turnstile and will also prevent unsightly rusting. Powder coated mild steel is a popular choice, however, hot dip galvanised mild steel as well as various grades of stainless steel are also available. The TITAN turnstile shown in the photo below was installed at the new JD Building in Randburg, Johannesburg and is of powder coated mild steel.

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Titan powder coated1


COVID-19 Range Available

Our Covid-19 range is now available. Ensure a safe working environment during the Covid-19 outbreak.